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Welcome to the 2020 Our Lady of Victory Post Season Soccer Tournament

Rules for the 2020 Our Lady of Victory Post Season Soccer Tournament

The Our Lady of Victory Soccer Tournament will be played under SAY playing rules and the WCSA Supplemental Rules. This includes rules for substitutions and duration of quarters. Any player or coach ejected (red carded) from any game will automatically receive a “next game” suspension.

There shall be no dissent between players, coaches, fans and the referees. Questioning a referee in an offensive manner is considered dissent. All coaches are urged to solicit the support of their fans in monitoring this policy. This makes for a better game for all involved.

Teams must wear numbers on their shirts. Each player shall have a different number and this number must be the same as it appears on the team roster. In the event of color conflict, the home team will change shirts. Home team will also supply the game ball. First team listed on the schedule is the home team.

Both coaches must sign the official game card at the conclusion of the match. All scores will be posted at the tournament headquarters, the OLV Concession Stand.

Each team will receive three (3) points for a win; one (1) point for a tie; and zero (0) points for a loss. In the event of ties in the standings, the following procedure will determine the Group Winner:
1. Team with the most points.
2. Winner of the game played between tied teams.
3. Fewest goals allowed (gross)
4. Highest number of net goals (goal differential). Maximum of three (3) per game.
5. Penalty kicks (according to FIFA Laws of the game).

In a division, where wild card teams are scheduled, the wild card team will be the team with the most number of points, exclusive of the group winner. If teams are tied in points, the above tie-breaker procedures will be used. In the semi-final game, the wild card will not be assigned to play the winner of its own group.

Your roster must be turned into tournament officials prior to the Tournament and must be with you at all games. Rosters may be checked at any time.

To avoid official protests, every effort should be made by both team’s coaches and the referee in charge to correct a misapplication of the law immediately following a contested call. It is the coach’s responsibility to make the opposing coach and the referee in charge aware of the contested call and potential for a protest. This must be done by using the word “PROTEST” to the closest referee and opposing coach preferably before play resumes but in no case will a protest be allowed once the next quarter starts. Please try to fix any problem on the field immediately to avoid any delays in the tournament schedule. The only protest that can be made is the misapplication of a law. You cannot protest a judgment call by the referee. Should the coaches from both teams and the referee not be able to come to a resolution of the issue then an official protest must be pursued. A tournament official will be called to the field immediately. The tournament official will make a ruling on the spot and the game will continue. All decisions by a tournament official are final.

TIE BREAKER PROCEDURES (These procedures are only for Semi-Final and Championship Matches)

Should a match be tied at the end of regulation time, the following procedures shall be adhered to:
1. A two-minute rest period will be taken.
2. Captains will be called to the center of the field for a coin flip to determine who will kick off to start overtime.
3. A five-minute sudden death overtime period will be played with NO GOALKEEPER so there will be 10 players on the field for Kickers, 8 players on the field for Strikers and Wings and 6 players on the field for Passers.
4. In the event of an awarded penalty kick in any of the overtime, the clock will be stopped. The defending team may insert a player from the players on the field to be the goalkeeper to defend against the kick. If the penalty rebounds onto the field or out of bounds, whether hitting the goal post or deflection by the goalkeeper, the ball is DEAD and the penalty kick is declared unsuccessful. If unsuccessful, each team will return to a non-goalkeeper status with the game and the clock being started with a goal kick.
5. First team to score wins the match.
6. Should the match remain tied at the end of the first five-minute period, a two-minute break will be taken and another five-minute sudden death overtime is played. Teams will switch halves of the field. Players on the field will be reduced to 8 players for Kickers, 6 players for Strikers, 5 for Wings, and 4 players for Passers. No GOALKEEPER.
7. Should the match remain tied at the end of the second overtime period, then penalty kicks will be taken immediately. Penalty Kicks for Wings, Strikers and Kickers will be taken as normal. Penalty kicks for Passers will be taken at nine (9) yards from the goal.
8. Five players from each team will be brought to the center circle. A coin toss by the referee will be made to determine which team kicks first.
9. Teams will alternate kickers. Best record at the end of the first five kickers wins the match.
10. If the match is still tied at the end of the first penalty kick round, five new players for each team will be brought to the center circle. A second coin flip by the referee will be made to determine which team kicks first. The format at this point will change to sudden death. Example, if the team kicking first scores, the team kicking second will have the opportunity to shoot, if the team kicking second misses the shot the match is over. Likewise, if the team shooting first misses and the team shooting second scores, the match is over.
11. Any player on the team may be designated as the Goalkeeper for the penalty kicks and Goalkeepers may also be shooters.
12. PASSER DIVISION: Rule 4 in the Our Lady of Victory Soccer Tournament does not apply. Penalty kicks are not awarded at the Passer level. However, penalty kicks are allowed to settle matches in semi-final and final games at the Passer level.
13. All decisions of tournament officials are final.



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